SRC – VHF marine radio course and exam

vhf src ukf zdobądź uprawnienia radiowe kurs i egzamin src jednego dniaBeing able to communicate at sea is one of the most important ways of ensuring safety at sea both for you and for the others. It pays off to be proficient in every method of communication available and to know the procedures used in maritime radio communications.

During RYA SRC course you will gain the necessary depth of knowledge and understanding – and what is more important you will practice all the procedures required from marine radio operator. We train on real equipment – exactly the same you will see on yachts. All the radios are equipped with DSC, we also have handheld devices so you can check their specific operation. This approach prepares you in the best possible way to real operation on board.

You’ll exercise all procedures for setting the receiver, establishing a routine, safety, urgency, and distress calls in various scenarios. We will practice the procedures for distress alerting and subsequent communications and canceling false alerts in order to be able to call for and competently provide assistance at sea. All radio procedures are practiced, including the use of a digital selective call or DSC.

You can find the course program below. The course, as well as the exam (theory and practice), is conducted in English (although the course does not require a Doctorate in English philology, basic – functional knowledge of English is required), after all in international waters you will be using this language. If you have doubts about the language proficiency needed for the course, please contact us – we will assess together whether your language skills are sufficient.

IMO Standard Maritime Communications Phrases is an additional book that you might find interesting after the course.

The course is carried out as part of the Royal Yachting Association training center. The course is led by Capt. Michał Brennek RYA Instructor, RYA certified SRC Assessor. The instructor holds the General Operators Certificate. As with any course run by Geographica Expeditions, the role of the instructor is to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need at sea, but also lead you to exam success. If you feel after a few years that your skills need to be refreshed, you can join the current course without paying an additional course fee (it will be nice if you bring coffee and/or biscuits).

RYA SRC operators’ license complies fully with ITU/CEPT guidelines and is accepted worldwide. The SRC operators’ license issued by the RYA is valid indefinitely.

RYA SRC Świadectwo operatora bliskiego zasięgu - Short Range Certificate

Course program:

  • basics  of radio use
  • correct frequencies (channels) used for communication
  • alerting and canceling false alerts (DISTRESS)
  • what to do after the receipt of a MAYDAY call
  • Safety (SECURITE) and urgency (PAN-PAN) protocols
  • Initialization and protocols for ship-ship and ship-shore transmissions
  • Digital Selective Calling (DSC) using radio stations
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
  • Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB)
  • Search and Rescue Transponders (SART & AIS-SART)
  • GMDSS procedures

During the course, we also talk about radio novelties, which are not yet part of the GMDSS but are in common use and are already increasing our safety. You will be able to familiarize yourself with EPIRB, PLB EPIRB, PLB AIS, SART, as well as perform test procedures on these devices.

After the reception of the course fee, you’ll receive a book and guidance for self-study.

Course fee:

The course costs 525PLN when paid within 24 hours of booking and includes a set of materials and the care of an instructor. The book and examination form are also included in the price.

The exam costs £60. The payment is made directly to the RYA via on-line payment service at their website.

Please take your passport-sized photograph with you (it does not have to be biometric – you are allowed to smile :).

After passing the exam, you receive a Temporary VHF Certificate, valid for 28 days, which already entitles you to use maritime radio equipment (under supervision) at higher RYA courses. Typically,  within 28 days (usually 14), RYA will send you a certificate by mail to your postal address. When you pay at the RYA, you can select the FAST TRACK option (the certificate will be issued within 4 business days).

Day courses usually take place from 0900 to 1800 and require two hours of self-study prior to the course. The courses are held at the RYA Geographica Expeditions RYA Training Center main Operations Base in Warsaw.



Wysyłając ten formularz rezerwujesz 1 miejsce na kursie i egzaminie "RYA Marine Radio - kurs obsługi radia VHF i egzamin SRC".

Rejestrując się na kurs, poprzez przysłanie przycisku "Wyslij formularz", wyrażasz zgodę na przetwarzanie Twoich danych osobowych do celów realizacji zamówienia. Administratorem danych osobowych jest Geographica Expeditions Michał Brennek z siedzibą w Warszawie przy ul Szanajcy 18a/34, 03-481 Warszawa, NIP 113-212-04-63.

Rejestrując się na kurs, poprzez przysłanie przycisku "Wyslij formularz", oświadczasz, że znasz i akceptujesz regulamin szkoleń oraz politykę prywatności.

Wysyłając niniejszy formularz składasz oświadczenie woli, co jest jednoznaczne z zawarciem umowy drogą elektroniczną.